What are the Paysafe Affiliate Programmes?
If you own or manage a website that can drive new registrations to NETELLER and Skrill, you can become a Paysafe Affiliate and earn commission when the customers you refer to us spend money via NETELLER or Skrill.

How does it work?
The process of earning is simple. You refer new members to Skrill or NETELLER, they then deposit at a merchant (casino, betting, poker or Forex site), you then earn 20% commission. The 20% commission earned is based on a commission we make for the deposit. As long as the member keeps using their member account you'll continue to earn. 

How do I become a Paysafe Affiliate? 
Once you have decided on the brand you wish to promote and understood how our affiliate program works, becoming a Paysafe Affiliate couldn't be easier! Simply click here to sign up to one of our affiliate programs.

Can I promote both NETELLER and Skrill? 
To promote more than one brand you are required to complete both the NETELLER and Skrill affiliate application forms. Although this is one program both brands are to be promoted and accessed separately. Therefore, to promote both brands you will have 2 usernames and passwords which both work on the platform. If you need further help in setting you up to promote both brands please contact us. 

Are there any website Restrictions?
A website is required to join the program. Your website must attract visitors who can become NETELLER or Skrill customers. Please note that we reserve the right to reject any applications that are found unsuitable for the programme. If you are looking to promote NETELLER or Skrill without a site, please click here.

Are there any other requirements?
To become a Paysafe Affiliate we require all affiliate to have a verified NETELLER or Skrill account depending on the brand to be promoted.

Can I promote NETELLER or Skrill without a website?
If you'd like to promote NETELLER or Skrill without a website, please contact the our Ambassador team

I've submitted my application – How long until I get a reply?
Generally, applications are reviewed and approved within 48 hours. We may need more time to get back to you in some cases and we may reach out to you to clarify your promoting intentions. 

When are commission payments made?
Whether you promote NETELLER or Skrill commission payments are made to either your registered NETELLER or Skrill account no later than 15th working day of the month. This payment is for commission relating to the previous month. Please keep an eye out on our News page which confirms the exact date payments are to be made. 

Is there a limit on earnings? 
There is no limits or caps on earnings. As long as the members your refer stays active and you continue to promote and refer new members commission earnings won't stop. 

I have forgotten my username and/or password
Please click here to reset your password. Your account username is required to reset your password - please contact us if you have forgotten your username

I need NETELLER or Skrill as a payment option 
If you require a payment solution for your site or business please click here for NETELLER payment solutions and click here for Skrill payment solutions.

I have more than one website
For the initial registration you only need to apply with one site. But once approved you are able to create separate links and report on individual sites you have. Please contact us or your affiliate manager to help set you up. 

Can I refer other affiliates to join the programmes? 
Yes, you can refer other affiliates to promote both NETELLER or Skrill and earn our 10% Super Affiliate referral commission. Meaning you receive 10% of the commission your referred affiliate makes. Super affiliate application approvals are subject to the same criteria and assessment as standard affiliate applications. Please contact us or your affiliate manager directly to enable this.   

Have a Question?

Have a question or need to contact us? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, ideas or feedback. 

If you have a question about your Affiliate account please state which brand your question relates to along with your account username or affiliate ID. 

Our team aims to respond within 24 hours on business days. We cover the majority of time zones and try to assist with language translations. Your query is important to us, and we will ensure a resolution is achieved as fast as possible.

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