The Paysafe Affiliate Programs allow you to become an affiliate partner and promote our digital wallets – Skrill and NETELLER on your website. Refer customers and earn commission on their activity – you will receive a 20% share of the revenue we generate from the deposits your referrals make to our merchants.

Simply click here to sign up to one of our affiliate programs.

Once your application is approved, you will be provided with online system access where you can choose from a variety of marketing materials such as banners, tracking links and guides to promote our services. You refer new customers to Skrill or NETELLER, they deposit at a merchant (casino, betting, poker or Forex site) and you earn 20% commission, based on the revenue we generate for the referral deposit at the merchant. The commission is lifetime, which means that as long as a referred member keeps using their member account you'll continue to earn from their transactions. 

Yes. Please note that to do so, you are required to complete both the Skrill and NETELLER affiliate application forms and you will be given two separate accounts. Therefore, you will also have 2 usernames and passwords for each of the programs.

A website is required to join the program. Your website must attract visitors who can become Skrill or NETELLER customers, that is your audience should find our products relevant and interesting. Please note that we reserve the right to reject any applications that we find unsuitable for the programme. If you are looking to promote Skrill or NETELLER without a site, please get in touch with our Ambassador team.

In addition, we require all affiliates to have a verified Skrill or NETELLER account depending on which brand you wish to promote. Please make sure your Skrill or NETELLER account is verified to speed up the application review process.

If you'd like to promote Skrill or NETELLER without a website, please get in touch for further information.

For the initial registration you only need to apply with one site. But once approved you are able to create separate links and report on individual sites you have. Please get in touch if you need assistance. 

Generally, applications are reviewed and approved within 48 hours. We may need more time to get back to you in some cases and we may reach out to you to clarify your promoting intentions. 

If you require a payment solution for your site or business please click here for Skrill payment solutions or click here for NETELLER payment solutions.

The cookies we use last for 30 days.

Please navigate to the login page and click on “Forgotten password” to reset your password. Your account username is required to reset your password. If you have set up your security question, you will be asked to answer it and confirm your email address. Once you submit these, you will be provided with a temporary password on the next screen. Upon login with the temporary password, you will be prompted to change it to a new personal one. If you have not set up a security question, please get in touch with us to assist you further.


We operate with a standard commission structure. You receive 20% revenue share from our earnings for the deposits your referrals make to our merchants. This is lifetime commission, so once you have referred a member to us, you will continue to receive revenue share for their activity for as long as the member continues transacting.

Yes. You can refer other affiliates to promote both Skrill or NETELLER and earn an additional 10% affiliate referral commission. Meaning you receive 10% of the commission your referred affiliate makes. To refer other affiliates, simply choose the appropriate Ad with a landing page leading to the Affiliate sign up form from your Income Access account.


There is no limit or cap on earnings. As long as the members you refer stay active, continue to promote and refer new members, commission earnings won't stop.


We pay out your commission earnings on a monthly basis to your respective Skrill or NETELLER account.

Please note: pay-outs can only be executed to your personal digital wallet account (Skrill or NETELLER) that is in your name. Pay-outs will not be executed, if you have provided a third-party payee account.

Commission payments are made to either your registered Skrill or NETELLER account within 30 days (or in such other frequency as determined by Paysafe) following the end of the calendar month. This payment is for commission relating to the previous month.

Please note that in cases where payout cannot be carried out (account not operational, third party payment details etc.), your payment may be rolled over onto the next payment period or discontinued.

Please make sure to always keep your payee details up-to-date. Upon being accepted to the program, please login to your account and navigate to:

'My Account' > 'Affiliate Payment Preferences'

Then click on 'Update' to confirm your payee details.

Please make sure to update them whenever necessary, particularly when your Skrill or NETELLER email address gets updated.

Failure to do so may result in a delay of your pay-out.

Reports and statistics

The statistics are updated once daily for the previous day.

This is your go-to report, covering the majority of the parameters you would be interested in. Choose the field you require and sort your results in ascending or descending order.

It's easy, you just have to choose one of our 12 predefined reports and follow the steps below. The API tool will allow you to obtain and directly integrate in-depth tracking reports, without having to log in to your affiliate account. Here’s how you can set it up.

Navigate to Reports > API Reports.

  • You will need to whitelist your IP first – Write down your IP address in the “to” field and submit it.

  • Choose the report you are interested in, respective period (3 months the longest), merchant and format you need the report in and click generate. This will generate a code you will have to copy and open in your browser to display the report.

<svg class="icon icon-icons-info"><use xlink:href="#icon-icons-info" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" /></svg> Be careful not to press the “Generate New Key” button, as it won’t return correct data for your report.

We will break it down for you. The report is a statement summary of commissions earned and bonuses issued. You can check all of the paid commissions which will be displayed with the date when the payment of the commission has been made. If there is a missing date or you need further information, contact us for assistance.

It will show you an overview of the transactional activity of your active users.

This is the report you need, if you want to view your stats broken down by the variable information you have chosen to pass in the ACID field within your tracking links.

<svg class="icon icon-icons-info"><use xlink:href="#icon-icons-info" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" /></svg>ACID field or Affiliate Custom ID allows you to create custom keywords to use in your tracking links. You can set them from your Ad section (see path below) and by writing the keyword in the “Enter the keyword” field and pressing update, so that the tracking URLs of the Ads are updated with the generated keyword.

Marketing tools > Get your Ads > Enter the keyword > Update

Use this report to overview how your banners are performing. You can check all banners or a selected banner.

With this report you can check on any of the affiliates you have referred and their stats for a chosen time period.


Once your application has been reviewed and you have been approved to participate in the affiliate program, you can log in to your affiliate account to get your banner(s).

Please navigate to 'Marketing Tools' > 'Get your Ads'.

You can choose from a variety of banners and search by campaign, language, size etc. Once you have decided on a banner of preference, please click on the plus sign to the left. This will display three types of links you can choose from:

'AdSearch_DirectLink': This is a direct link that would not display the banner image, it would only serve as a “text link”, where the text is hyperlink leading to our landing page. We generally do not recommend using direct links unless you’re short of space to display a full image banner.

'Tracking Code': This is standard HTML inline frame. It does display the banner image.

'JavaScript Code': This is the JavaScript code. It also displays the banner image, too.

Yes. We are happy to customize any materials to suit your needs, including changing language, size etc.