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Useful tips for working with the Reports Section

Apr 30, 2020

The Report Section is now so easy to use, just follow our guide.

We know that working with the Reports Section in your Income Access affiliate account, can be confusing sometimes, so here is a short guide on how to master the reports.

What is an Affiliate Report?

This is your go-to report, covering the majority of the parameters you would be interested in. Choose the field you require and sort your results in ascending or descending order.

How does the API Report work?

It's easy, you just have to choose one of our 12 predefined reports and follow the steps below. The API tool will allow you to obtain and directly integrate in-depth tracking reports, without having to log in to your affiliate account. Here’s how you can set it up.

Navigate to Reports > API Reports.

  • You will need to whitelist your IP first – Write down your IP address in the “to” field and submit it.
  • Choose the report you are interested in, respective period, merchant and format you need the report in and click generate. This will generate a code you will have to open in your browser to display the report.

<svg class="icon icon-icons-info"><use xlink:href="/typo3/index.php?ajaxID=%2Fajax%2Fsvgicons%2Fbackend%2Fall%2Fsvg&amp;ajaxToken=084aa99ebbd214224795734c6a4de4caaef327a3&amp;hash=65e647ef97325acc5eb0de1f1b9cf257#icon-icons-info" xmlns:xlink="" /></svg> Be careful not to press the “Generate New Key” button, as it won’t return correct data for your report.

What to look for in the Payment History Report?

We will break it down for you. The report is a statement summary of commissions earned and bonuses issued. You can check all of the paid commissions which will be displayed with the date when the payment of the commission has been made. If there is a missing date or you need further information, contact us for assistance.

What does the Account Report show?

It will show you an overview of the transactional activity of your active users.

What exactly is an ACID Report?

This is the report you need, if you want to view your stats broken down by the variable information you have chosen to pass in the ACID field within your tracking links.

<svg class="icon icon-icons-info"><use xlink:href="#icon-icons-info" xmlns:xlink="" /></svg> ACID field or Affiliate Custom ID allows you to create custom keywords to use in your tracking links. You can set them from your Ad section (see path below) and by writing the keyword in the “Enter the keyword” field and pressing update, so that the tracking URLs of the Ads are updated with the generated keyword.

Marketing tools > Get your Ads > Enter the keyword > Update

Why do you need the Banner Report?

Use this report to overview how your banners are performing. You can check all banners or a selected banner.

Why is the Referral Report useful?

With this report you can check on any of the affiliates you have referred and their stats for a chosen time period.


<svg class="icon icon-icons-info"><use xlink:href="#icon-icons-info" xmlns:xlink="" /></svg> You can also find the information for the reports in our FAQ section. If you have any troubles understanding how the Income Access platform works, don't hesitate to contact us.