Skrill is introducing two new customer levels

Aug 07, 2020

Learn more about Skriller and Skriller Verified

Skrill has some important updates comming soon. Starting 3 November 2020, Skrill will be introducing two new customer levels:

Skriller and Skriller Verified. The following will apply:


                                                                              Skriller             Skriller Verified

Skrill to Skrill send money fee                 2.99%                         FREE

To become Skriller Verified customers must complete the following steps:

All other fees remain the same and if users have already completed all three steps, their account will automatically become Skriller Verified on 3 November 2020.

In addition Skrill will be removing the Bronze VIP level from the Skrill VIP Programme.

After this change comes into effect, the Bronze VIP level will no longer exist, so all active Bronze VIP accounts must meet the threshold to become a Silver VIP or drop into a non-VIP status.

All other VIP fees remain the same, including FREE send money transactions for Silver and above VIP accounts.

For further information on the Skrill VIP Programme, users can see the updated Skrill VIP Programme Terms and Conditions.