Report Section Update Release

Aug 11, 2020

Striving to make the user experience better, we have released some improvements for our Reports Section

Reporting Demo

As of 11th of August, the Affiliate platform that the Paysafe Affiliate program uses, has an updated interface in the reporting section.

The Reports affected are: Affiliate Report, Account Report, Earnings Report, Quick Summery Report, Banner Report, ACID Report.

What to expect from the new reporting interface:

  • A new and improved look
  • A new report form, which is easier to read and use
  • A tablet-friendly interface
  • A brand-new data table with flexible features like:

 Column Locking

- Users can set one or more columns to always appear on the left, no matter how far they scroll to the right

Column Hiding

- Users can choose exactly which columns they want to see

 Column Reordering

- Users can reorder any of the columns to ensure the important information for them is always displayed together

Should you notice anything off in the behavior of said reports, please do report to us to review further, as we strive to fix and improve on any issues that are experienced. These improvements will be released to all reports in the future.